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Artist Spotlight - Addison Road

Showing us all that they are fighting the "good fight", Addison Road has prevailed by displaying their resilience and faith in a time of challenge. Kicking off their spring tour along with Sanctus Real the band received disturbing news just 30 minutes before they were to take the stage in Las Vegas last week. According to their bus driver, the band's RV and trailer went up in flames after malfunctioning on route. Within seconds after the driver had pulled off the road in a deserted area, the entire vehicle erupted in flames ruining all of the sound equipment, instruments, and personal belongings. The fire was so powerful that the highway was shut down for several hours to control the fire. Friends, family, churches and local Christian radio came out to show their support and help the band restore what had been lost. All of the bands' needs have been met way beyond their expectations and they have been able to share their thanks on their website and blogs. See Below:

“We are completely blown away by the generosity, love and support we have received from the body of Christ,” said lead singer Jenny Simmons. “Through your financial donations, personal stories, prayers, and reminders of so many beautiful passages of scripture, you have not only met our needs physically but you have been a part of restoring or souls and re-igniting a passion for our ministry as a band. We are incredibly humbled to know that we have played a small part in your lives and overwhelmed with gratitude and joy that you have played a HUGE part in ours.”

“It’s crazy because when we sing our songs, the words we are singing hit home for us,” continues Simmons. “Everything does lie on ‘hope now,’ and there is a new song on our record that really makes us laugh because of how true it stands:

‘And do you feel the fire when the flame gets hot, are you living each day like it’s the last you’ve got, Will you step aside when it all falls down and watch it burn away, Have a little faith when the walls cave in, Pray for strength to fly against the wind, Will you walk away when the fire gets hot, Or fight another day.’

The fact of the matter is, we all have plans whether it’s a plan for tomorrow or for years to come, but God has other plans. When things don’t go as you hope them to, you have two choices: to hang your head low in defeat, or fight it out and get through it because God will get you through. We chose to fight.”

Desiring to be wise stewards, the entirety of the donations have gone directly to:

Cover the unexpected rental cars, hotel fees, and RV maintenance, which receded and directly followed the fire.
Paying for new band merchandise
Covering the cost of new gear and sound equipment
A new vehicle
To find out more updates as they happen, please visit

NEWS SOURCE: The M Collective
March 19, 2010


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