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Welcome To Christian Music Town

Artist Spotlight: Addison Road


Here you will find all the latest Christian music news, tours, new releases and more on all your favorite Christian artists. Don't be afraid to search around the whole site because we know that you will find something that you like.

This website is packed with awesome information like Christian album reviews, artist biographies and discographies, band info and more.

This website features over 250 Christian music artists and we are adding more everyday. We feature artists like Jeremy Camp and the Tunnel Rats and everybody in between. Make sure you check out our Artist Spotlight section because we have a new featured Christian music artist every month.

Christian Music News (click on the headlines for more info)

Do you like to sing? If you do, why not check out our Sheet Music page to get all the latest music notes or visit our Concert page to find out about all your favorite contemporary Christian music artist concerts.

This website was started because Christian music has impacted so many lives around the world by inspiring, encouraging and helping us stay on fire for God. Our hope here at is that you will grow in your faith through the power of music.

Here at we are always looking to improve our site and make it more enjoyable for our visitors. So if you have any ideas or suggestions that you think will improve this site, then please send us your comments by visiting our Contact page.

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